czwartek, 21 października 2010

Ok, to be more precise, 'she' is 'he'. It is a picture of adult male of S. gastrica.
Very cheap and easy to keep. Whoah that rhymes..
I had her since L1 stage (first stage larvae), so he was then very little. He was about 7mm long. Of course I didn't  know back then, that it was male. It is impossible to tell gender at such small praying mantis. I had to wait till he reaches L4-5. Which wasn't very long since this species grow very fast.
Unfortunally I do not have any picture at his L1 stage, but there is one when he was about L3.
I know this photo is blurry and crappy, but the camera wasn't very good either.

Also... my english sucks ass.

3 komentarze:

  1. o blargagi ?
    joking , one of thouse things once took of one of my fingers, nasty bitches

  2. cool pic, and your english is better than about 70% of americans!