wtorek, 26 października 2010

Hi again. I didn't write anything yesterday, cause I was a little busy with college and stuff. I forgot to sing up for english classes at the beginning of the year, so I tried to get it done now. Unfortunately it was too late. Well, I guess I'll have to do it next year. And probably pay for it..

Anyway.. Hopefully, in a few days, I'll have some new praying mantids, few of them pretty rare, so I'm very exited. I'm only worried about the weather. It's getting cold (there were snowing few days ago..), and they were sent from across the border, so it might draw out the time of shipment. And I'm affraid they could die. They're very fragile.
I'll let you guys know if they're safe and sound as soon as i get them. Let's hope for the best!

Until then, here's a pic of one of mine mantids,I got last year. Funny thing is, I can't remember what species it was :P Maybe some of you can recognise it?
Mantis unidentifiedus
I would be very impressed if anyone could. Especially since she's so tiny :)

Oh and tomorrow I'll have the results of my botany test (and also biochemistry test I wrote last week). So keep your fingers crossed! I hope I passed those ;]

niedziela, 24 października 2010

Coffee madness

So.. I'm trying to study for tomorrow's test, and as it is quite late (11 pm in my country), I'm getting a little sleepy. Yea I know it's not that late, I can easily stay up till 3-4 am, but as soon I open the book, my eyelids get heavy. In addition, this is a botany test, and I do not like plants that much. I prefer animals.
So what do I do in order not to fall asleep? Yes, coffee. Not a lot, just one, two cups.
Definitely not as many as a guy in this video:

And as a bonus, here is something for all Firefox lovers:

sobota, 23 października 2010

Another great music video

Do you love Mario bros? Who doesn't, right?
Check out this video. The guy who made this really got some skills

I always wonder how long it takes to create something like this..

Oh and I guess people with epilepsy shouldn't watch this..

piątek, 22 października 2010

How about some music?

Hi there!
I was going to write something about my animals, praying mantis or something else, but then I came across this video. Some of you propably saw it earlier, but I hope you'll still enjoy it.

It's a very catchy tune made only from sounds from Windows XP and 98. This guy must've been really bored.

czwartek, 21 października 2010

Now something different.

Holy shit this is awesome~!
'We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!'
Ok, to be more precise, 'she' is 'he'. It is a picture of adult male of S. gastrica.
Very cheap and easy to keep. Whoah that rhymes..
I had her since L1 stage (first stage larvae), so he was then very little. He was about 7mm long. Of course I didn't  know back then, that it was male. It is impossible to tell gender at such small praying mantis. I had to wait till he reaches L4-5. Which wasn't very long since this species grow very fast.
Unfortunally I do not have any picture at his L1 stage, but there is one when he was about L3.
I know this photo is blurry and crappy, but the camera wasn't very good either.

Also... my english sucks ass.

środa, 20 października 2010


Isn't she beautiful? My first mantis. Too bad she's dead now. But, well.. I guess that's life, ha? lol